Business Development Specialists

Our business development experts have years of wisdom from running their own businesses.  Most are published authors and run regular workshops as well as coaching, counselling and mentoring business owners.  Each specialist is progressively capturing their years of experiences into online training modules.

As a Financial Counsellor for 12 years Corrina has worked with all types of businesses in all industries, ensuring the correct infrastructure and systems to ensure business compliance.  Having held a commercial agents license for several years she is a master at getting payment from clients. 

Corrina holds qualifications in Accounting, Business Administration, Occupational Health & Safety, Social Welfare, Training and has some legal experience.  For several years Corrina was the person accountants sent their clients to when no one else could help.

Barbara Clifford has spent over 20 years working in time precious industries such as film, hospitality and marketing.  She has always had a passion for creating order out of chaos; to make sense of things. Managing her family, the finances, the household, her start-up business, her high-pressured professional career, her social life and her well-being.

She hit her limit.

Barbara Clifford now helps people, to take control. Being in control of relationships (leadership & communication) time management and stress management. She works with small business, middle management and entrepreneurs to feel more empowered. Her clients breathe a sigh of relief when they can easily apply self-management strategies such as stress management tools or personal management systems.

Leah has been teaching in the tertiary sector and vocational training, and career counselling/coaching and retirement coaching to clients from a range of backgrounds.  She is a published author of two books:  Job applications:  The Winning Edge, second edition, 1998, and Communication in the Workplace, 1996, published nationally and internationally by Macmillan Education Australia.  For many years, Leah worked as a freelance journalist for The Age – Education, Employment and Business, and is a former columnist and freelance writer with the Herald Sun – Learn.  Leah writes professional and business publications for online media.  

Hilary has been self employed and working with people for over 25 years.  With a background in nutrition, motivation, health and business coaching, she trained in sales and communication and has mastered the art of taking the interested person to the converted customer.
As and expert in this field she has been described by those who have worked with her as one of the most dynamic and practical sales and communication trainers available today. She has a fun, straight talking no nonsense approach and is creating immediate results for businesses and individuals. She helps businesses and individuals to increase their sales results instantly by teaching them simple art of profiling their customers. The techniques she teaches
are instantly applicable, easy to remember and will immediately inject into your
business an increase in sales, profits and rates of conversion.

For Jennie (The People Connector) masterminding, networking, coaching and mentoring for small business owners has been her life’s work. She has worked within Brisbane’s Business Networking community for 30 years.  Her love is to help people grow themselves and their businesses by gaining their own self-awareness.  She is also an author of both business and personal development books, a renown public speaker and facilitates a weekly Brisbane Power Hours group for those wanting support. 

Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling are different methods that she uses to work with a client.  Jennie uses a combination of tools to support the outcomes to be achieved.