About Us

WHS Consultant & WHS Concierge

Corrina Lindby, Compliance Solutions Advocate


As a business owner, I know first-hand the day-to-day challenges of WHS in the workplace.

With my personal Work Health & Safety experiences, my Social Welfare education, Justice of the Peace and my Financial Counselling business, I know the physical and mental effects of an incident to an employee, their family and friends and their local community.

Personal Experience with work injuries

My perspective of Work Health & Safety is shaped by my education, personal and work experiences, all woven together to culminate in my concierge business ‘The Answer is Yes’. With 2 years of a Law Degree, I like to keep an up-to-date legal perspective by reading WHS court case reports. Having acquired a Bachelor of Business Accounting and mentoring in the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme, I am sensitive to the cost of WHS training for established and Startup businesses. Because I have an Associate Diploma in Business Administration, I create an efficient Business, WHS and Accounting systems. I became a Mentor and industry expert to Financial Counsellors and WHS Managers.

Since I was 12 years of age I have stood up to take responsibility for others. Back then I took responsibility for my family due to my parent’s illnesses. My Work Health & Safety experience started when my brother lost his eye in a work accident at the tender age of 16. He lost his job. At 20, I injured my back, while working at a bank. I had to change my work role. At 21, my husband and I narrowly escaped our burning home. At 33, I was in a car accident and permanently damaged my neck. Twice in the last decade, I have fallen and damaged my wrist in workplaces and now I see risk, I feel it, I smell it. WHS has been the bane of my existence. My first job, as a teenager, was unintentional… packing first aid supplies for a company!


It was a natural progression for me to move into the Work Health & Safety industry. I have a Diploma of OHS, Certificate IV Training, and am a qualified Fire Safety Adviser, therefore I am driven to help you avoid risk.  I would not wish on anyone to go through what my family and my clients went through.


I would prefer to be known as a Work Health & Safety Mentor, not an inspector and prefer that business owners walk with me and audit their business, whether in person or via technology. ‘The Answer Is Yes’ has a growing list of online courses. By helping business owners conduct their own WHS Gap Analysis, they can understand why and where they need WHS solutions.  Learning for themselves to see, feel and smell risk and avoid it. This method can save business owners expensive WHS consultation fees.

You either spend some time and money now or spend a lot of time and money later. It’s the financial counsellor in me that doesn’t want people spending money to have someone else do what they can do themselves.


I have simplified the Work Health & Safety compliance process and made it cost effective for business owners. Fire training videos customised for your business.  With our growing list of WHS training modules now available to purchase online, my training is convenient causing minimal disruption to workflow and 24-hour shifts. For new employees or annual staff training, they simply log on to the website to complete the training.

A Work Health & Safety Mentor is like a business bodyguard who identifies existing or potential risk, because compliance protects a business’ monetary value and reputation by avoiding or minimising a WHS claim against the business. Let ‘The Answer Is Yes’ be your business’s Work Health & Safety bodyguard.

Don’t wait until you have a painful Work Health & Safety problem you want to get rid of. WHS does not have to be painful. ‘The Answer Is Yes’ can relieve the pain, confusion and worry of WHS compliance.