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Karen Vercoe, Human Resource Specialist and published author


Recruitment Course walks you through all the processes and steps in recruiting staff includes templates

Induction & Employment Contracts for Managers

The course is aimed at Managers to help them establish their employee contracts and induction processes.

Employee Induction Training

We have generic employee induction training courses, however we can also customise them for your specific business, to save time and create uniformity in the induction process.

Creating Position Descriptions

Without clear, concise position descriptions you could be opening yourself to potential HR Disputes

Performance Review Training for Managers

Conducting a performance review can be one of the hardest things to do… with our training you will breeze through it

Performance Review Training for Employees

Having your performance reviewed can be extremely daunting, this course will help you to ace the performance review.


If you get your payroll wrong it will cost heaps and may include penalties and legal action

Counselling, Discipline & Termination

This course is to help you work through the mind-field of conducting discipline meetings and terminating staff.  Without a clear understanding of the processes you could attract thousands in fines.

Learning & Development

Developing learning & development training for your staff (keep it simple so that anyone can do it)

Aboriginal Staff Retention

Retaining aboriginal staff in an accepting environment that appreciates their cultural heritage.  This module helps HR Managers to better manage the well-being of Aboriginal staff, to lessen risk of staff turnover or work place issues and stress leave.


Stopping Aboriginal Discrimination

 Normalising Aboriginal Culture in the Workplace (Cultural Awarness)

This module is the framework of knowledge required to understanding Aboriginal and other Australian Indigenous People.  This module is for the HR Managers, “Cultural Champions” or RAP facilitators in the workplace. Aboriginal people are “black” every day of the year, not just NAIDOC time. They face overt or ignorant discrimination every day of the year. It doesn’t take much to normalise Aboriginal culture in the workplace to counter this.

Effective Communication with Indigenous People

This module is aimed at frontline staff to improve their interactions with Aboriginal clients and managing difficult behaviours.

Engaging Better with Aboriginal Clients

This module is required to improve case management, legal representation and parent/teacher relationships.


Aboriginal Best Practice Interviewing Tips

This module gives HR Managers the skills to get the best out of interviewing Aboriginal applicants and neutralising politically incorrect land mines, leading you to choosing the right person for your organisation.