Leadership Training

Coaching & Mentoring Your Staff

Learn how to use Action Research models and language skills to motivate and support your team allowing them to perform at their best and continue to grow.
Equipping staff with a strong foundation of skills to enable them to supportively guide, direct and encourage the growth within their team.

Team Player to New Supervisor

Transitioning from being one of the team to becoming a new supervisor can be daunting. Learn how to work to your strengths, build credibility and trust, manage change and lead with direction.

Introduction to Leadership Styles

To encourage staff to grow the leaderships skills they already possess and the confidence to apply their developing leadership skills

Leadership & Mentoring

To gain an understanding of the role of a coach, the nuances between a coach and mentor and the methodology that can be applied to successful lead and guide in an appropriate manner.

Maintaining Loyal & Motivated Staff

Learn the secrets of entrepreneurs to gain trust and grow your business. Discover the value of ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing, how to encourage your staff to advocate for you, what makes an employee loyal and how to motivate your staff.
To increase motivation levels of the team, to encourage good practices of leadership and supervision.

Assisting Others to Perform

To develop or enhance managerial skills. For those in a position of leading, directing, managing or supervising others. Whether it be leading one or many.

Effective Leadership & Management Skills

Removes the mystery of leadership while sharpening your communication skills and providing simple practical methods to lead, motivate and manage a team of people.