Time Management Training

Mastering Procrastination & Prioritisation

Discover how procrastination is not just about self discipline. Learn how to use a simple prioritisation tool, used by time management experts around the world.

Killing the Procrastination Bug

Understand why we procrastinate and how to stop it.

Systemised for Success

Discover simple strategies to create systems, habits and routines for increased productivity and success.

Time Management Workshop

The Time Management workshop short course will provide participants with personal insight into the ways in which they respond to tasks, activities and prioritising their work load. Utilising some of the tools and strategies, this workshop will demonstrate innovative techniques to become far more effective in managing the work at hand.

Time Management for Outlook

Discover the tools, techniques and strategies to reduce time wasted in Outlook clutter; utilising advanced features to maximise your effectiveness control your workload.

Goal Setting – Transforming ideas into action

How to create meaningful goals and actually stick to them. Learn the right language to use to motivate your brain into action.

Mindfulness for Work & Life

Mindfulness practice enables us to stay focused on the present, remain calm with our colleagues, family and friends to create a relaxed environment, improved job satisfaction and personal well-being.

Apply mindfulness techniques to focus our mind on the present moment to cope with stress and emotions, connect with others, and enhance mental well-being to increase satisfaction at work and in our personal lives