WHS Audits

Two Main Audits

Purpose of a Work Health & Safety Gap Analysis is to determine if your existing system has all the components for implementation of a WHS System.

Work Health & Safety Audit determines the quality of Work Health & Safety System and how well it has been implemented and adhered to.


Checklists can be a very useful tool for ensuring that WHS processes are applied in a way that is consistent across the organisation. They also act as a memory aid and reminder of the range of WHS- related factors that you need to consider.

Options for WHS Audits

Each topic has three options:

Done FOR You

On of our experts will come in and conduct the audit 

Done WITH You

We organise a zoom session between you an an experienced expert 

Done BY You

This is where we have converted the topic into an Online Course that teaches you how to conduct the audits.

WHS Gap Analysis

NOTE: there are hundreds of questions and this is something that can be done by a practice manager.

WHS Audit

You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know! Therefore when it comes to a WHS Audit it is recommended that you have it Done FOR you! The Quality of the Audits are then measured against the state legislation or against the ISO standards.